The NCL, Inc., San Francisco Chapter Mission Statement

To foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.

Our Heritage:

The National Charity League, Inc. dates to 1925 when a group of women in Los Angeles, interested in philanthropic work, met together and called themselves The Charity League. By 1938, daughters of The Charity League formed their own group and chose the name “Ticktockers” for the girls. In 1946, the Charity League was reorganized and renamed National Charity League, and the mothers chose to take the name “Patroness”. In 1958, the Los Angeles Chapter amended its bylaws to change its name to National Charity League – Los Angeles Chapter. This paved the way for a new corporation of national significance. National Charity League, Inc. now has more than 200 chapters in 23 states and over 55,000 members.

The San Francisco Chapter of NCL, Inc. was chartered in December of 2004. On Sunday, October 3, 2014, 160 active, provisional, and sustainer members gathered at the Century Club of California to celebrate our first 10 years of service to the San Francisco community.